Assalamualaikum, ana Rin min bekasi. Thalibah fi jaamiah brawijaya. Name’s rin and i’m from indonesia. A student at brawijaya university, and a dreamer for illogical things

Santri punya cerita is filled with my story at my old dorm school, my living in university, or my inner thoughts when i struck with creativity (and melancholy).

Santri punya cerita akan memberi kalian kisah masa pesantren, hidup di kampus, atau pemikiran saya di kala bosan.

  • today

    9 May 2022 by

    feels like a bit failure no, I would say It Is, a failure days and days before I was hoping for some change why is it that I, even outside my cage cannot do much cannot move much couldn’t even do what I am intentionally want to do today feels like a failure but it… Read more

  • darkness

    19 February 2022 by

    in the darkness, I tried to find something anything I could use I could hold

  • A hug

    15 February 2022 by

    I have no idea how long was it since my last hug since I asked for one would they give me one? maybe, if I’m a loved ones

  • Hidup sekali

    8 February 2022 by

    hidup sekali, lalu mati hidup sekali, lalu berarti apakah kita pergi, hanya sekedar pergi? atau ada hal berarti yang bisa dilihat manusia di masa nanti? English Translation: Live once, and die Live once, a meaningful life. will we go, just go without anything to left behind? or are there something the future could see?

  • Intersection

    6 February 2022 by

    Who are you. What are we Who am I nobody remembers, nobody could figure it out keep searching, looking, finding for what are we and who am I

  • Write

    6 February 2022 by

    I write for became who I am I write for me to be more live than just a living being I write I erase I write again for who I am

  • Cara mengurus transkrip nilai semester kuliah, online/offline

    3 February 2022 by

    permasalahan tiap akhir semester adalah banyak pendaftaran beasiswa, tapi kadang mager ngurus nya. atau lebih parah, ngga paham tata cara mengumpulkan administrasinya. karena transkrip nilai termasuk yang paling sering diminta beasiswa, ini akan menjelaskan urutan meminta transkip ke jurusan universitas kalian. ini adalah cara yang ada di jurusan ku kontak fakultas sebelumnya, aku tanya tanya… Read more

  • at 20 years old

    18 January 2022 by

    At twenty years old I found out that the world I live won’t give me all I want even if they said ‘you could do everything you want’

  • Space and I [Luar angkasa dan aku]

    11 January 2022 by

    I’ve always been fascinated by outer space. Although I never aspired to be an astronaut, I always really enjoy it whenever I see the stars, or photos of the galaxies out there. In my third year of high school, because of limited internet access in the dormitory, I borrowed a picture of the constellations from… Read more

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